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ARS Corporate provides corporate finance and mergers & acquisitions advice to clients within Spain and abroad. With offices in Madrid and Barcelona we advise different types of clients from individuals to multinationals within Spain and abroad.

M&A Worldwide – Mergers & Acquisitions around the Globe

We are a member of the global M&A WORLDWIDE with partners in more than 40 countries and 5 continents. That allows us to provide to our clients the necessary support and advice at home and abroad in order to achieve the best results.

Why ARS?

ars, artis (f. latín)

It means “art, craft, skilfullness” and is that critical aspect who beside the ‘know-how’ and knowledge – makes the difference.

Our leitmotif – the fine art of corporate finance – honours this grain of ‘art’ which we strive to add in our projects.


M&A Worldwide


We add value to the client working for his objectives, be it to find the optimal investment or to maximize the price of his company.


Information is power! Could not be more true when selling your business or doing an investment. Discretion is a conditio sine qua non.


We provide to our clients access to the major world markets, representing more than 80% of the global GDP.


The best solution for the client can only be granted by avoiding any conflict of interest. Being independent is key.

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